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Ladies, Are You Ready For More?

I Help Women Answer the Question "What's Next?"
So They Can Create Their Future With Intention and Confidence!

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Carol Elliott, Certified Professional Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, and passionate advocate for helping people live their highest vision for a more fulfilling, joyful, and purposeful life.  It is my joy and honor to empower women to discover more of who they truly are, and to support them in transforming their lives in powerful ways beyond what they ever thought possible!



What's Next?

Are You Looking to Reinvent Yourself

Later in Life?

Are you currently going through a major life transition such as career change, retirement, empty nest, relationship breakup, move across the country, job loss, or other stressful situation?

Or maybe your life is generally good, but you know there's so much more... There's something else you've always wanted to do and it's been on the back burner for awhile: a new career challenge, writing a book, traveling abroad, enrolling in college or graduate school, learning a new language, starting a business, or another exciting adventure that's calling your name.

I understand what you're going through, because I've been there several times myself. 

After discovering how to successfully turn any challenge into an opportunity -- and seeing so many people suffer through the same kinds of experiences I've had -- I decided to help others, LIKE YOU, succeed and thrive!

As a Certified Professional Coach with a Master's Degree in Social Work, clinical mental health license, and over 30 years' corporate business experience, I help women in transition explore new ideas and options when they're contemplating what's next in life.


  • Is There Something You've Always Wanted to Do, But Haven't Done Yet? 

I know what it's like to take on new challenges and finally succeed in spite of doubt, fear, and confusion.  Working together, I can help you gain more clarity about your career path, or explore that thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet.  It's never too late!

  • Are You Stuck in a Rut and Unable to Move Forward?

My clients have gotten unstuck to move forward again and I can help you, too!  Let's explore all the possibilities for the next chapter of your amazing life.  Together we'll discover your own unique strengths and resources, examine your current thinking around what's holding you back, and create an ultimate vision and destiny plan you can use to create whatever you truly desire.

  • Would You Love to Get Up Every Day Feeling Excited About a New Vision for Your Life?

Learn how to smash through limiting beliefs and defeat your inner critic to succeed and thrive in all areas of your life.  Feel confident and courageous as you move through your day with a renewed sense of purpose and joy, looking forward to each day full of possibilities! 



Are you ready to experience YOUR breakthroughs?

Let's get started!

Together we'll create a New Vision and Plan for your future.
I look forward to partnering with you to Create Your New Destiny!

"Carol is an excellent, experienced coach. I appreciated her help on learning to manage my mind around stressful events in my life.  Her demeanor put me at ease and allowed me to open up and work on my self-sabotaging thoughts.  I highly recommend using her as a life coach."

-- Kathy, Utah

"Carol has such a beautiful energy and demeanour about her.  She is clear and precise with her coaching style.  It was an honour to work with her.  It's the small shifts that lead us to our dreams."

-- Kelly, Canada

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